On May 3, 2011, I delivered a talk on the History of Movie Poster Design at the Phoenix Art Museum. About 10 months earlier I had delivered an earlier talk at Ignite Phoenix #7 on the Art of Exploitation Movie Posters; that talk was in Ignite format; 20 slides 15 seconds a slide with 5 minutes to talk. This was a much bigger time window and I could focus on a historical overview. So for this talk I focused on Poster Design as it sprang from advertising and focused on several masters of illustration and looked at design influces. In contrast with my Ignite talk, this one was also 20 slides, but ran about 45 minutes. The crowd of 120 present at Whiteman Hall seemed to really enjoy it and I received a lot of comments at the reception following. I think these talks could be something really interesting if focused on different areas on design and I'd like to find a venue/form to continue them in for the future.

Here's the original talk that started it all as well:

O'Reilly Media featured my original Ignite Phoenix #7 talk on Exploitation movie poster art on the official IGNITE channel on YouTube the week of February 23, 2011, so they did a lot of cool post production work on it, including making my slide graphics pop up along with my puns in that speech, as well as adding a timer at the bottom which shows you how IGNITE really works as it countsdown to when my next slide will move, its pretty cool and it'd be awesome if all Ignite talks had this nifty feature. I had to fix the sound because unfortunately IGNITE's version didnt have the good sound quality of the original, so this is the best of both worlds.

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