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URL: www.diditagain.com
Client: Mission Advisors

- VictorMoreno.com designed DidItAgain.com, a trading card and collectibles website for Mission Advisors. VictorMoreno.com built this e-commerce website as well as a slideshow leading to other items. We designed the logo as well as a custom content management system to make it easier to upload items on the backend.

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URL: www.desertbloonphoenix.com
Client: Desert Bloom Phoenix

- VictorMoreno.com designed the website for the arts and live music event Desert Bloom Phoenix, held quarterly in the city of Phoenix, Arizona at the Firehouse Arts Gallery. The site serves as a hub for the DBPHX Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as providing info on the artists, logistics and details on the event itself.

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URL: http://www.theroyaleaz.com
Services Provided: Site Design, Content Management System, Logo/Identity Design, Maintenance & Coding

- VictorMoreno.com was hired to design the website for Mesa, AZ independent theater The Royale. The site features a content management system to make it easy to update the film listings. Moreover, it is set-up for e-commerce to sell memberships as well as collectible posters. It also is optimized to sell tickets to screenings through a prominent tickets link, as well as through a slideshow link on the main page. The slideshow is compatible with mobile devices (iPad, iPhone).
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URL: http://www.campcinema.net
Services Provided: Site Design, Content Management System, Logo/Identity Design, Maintenance & Coding

- VictorMoreno.com was hired to design the website for Arizona repertory film programmer Zachary Jackson. He programs primarily 80's/early 90's comedy and slasher films. In 2011, Zack decided to change the direction of his series of film programming and introduce the films via his drag alter-ego Becky Bodacious. His desire was to have a website with a very 80's/90's feel, like a Trapper Keeper graphic meets Saved By The Bell aesthetic. We delivered that with asymetrical designs and bright pastels and a zebraprint background. The logo is inspired by Patrick Nagel art and Rhonda Shears of USA's Up All Night. The website has a custom PHP content management system backend that is simple to update images and content for anyone with a non-HTML background. The site streams embedded video trailers from YouTube through a playlist application, so it can be updated directly from YouTube.com
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Official Website Design v.3 | View Design 1
URL: http://www.theraveneffect.com
Services Provided: Site Design, Graphic Design, Content Management System, Flash, Video Editing & Flash Encoding, Maintenance & Coding (HTML/CSS)

- VictorMoreno.com revised the website for pro wrestling superstar & former TNA, WWE, WCW & ECW World Champion Raven. This version of the site has a large redesign on the front page transitioning the updates to a blog style set-up with comments enabled and the ability to post news items on social networks. TheRavenEffect.com has a complete career chronology of Raven's career from 1995 to the present. It has a custom content management system that allows Raven to post blog entries, upcoming wrestling appearances. This version is strongly tied into his Twitter and Facebook pages, allowing fans to add the page from the site & displaying recent fans. It also has been optimized with multiple RSS content feeds. The site has a custom Flash video system supplemented with content feeds from YouTube to archive Raven's appearances on the site. VictorMoreno.com also did the video editing for these videos - providing custom editbreaks and intro/outro graphics as well as encoding them in Flash for streaming.
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